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We are not only a webshop                                

We are not only a company that sells furniture cushions for a lot of purposes, we also manufacture them ourselves, in our own workshop. We are hands on during the entire manufacturing process in our own sewing room in Vejen, to insure good quality all the way.

Furnto is the name of the webshop and the company behind is “Jesper Thams Design og Polster”.

In other words, on our webshop, you by directly from the craftsmen.

Team Furnto (2017)

We are members of "Danish crafts"

In addition to the normal rights you have when you`re shopping on a Danish webshop, you are also covered by" Danish crafts guarantee" when you buy from us.

Read more about the guarantee here:

E-brandet webshop


In 2015 we got E-brand certified under our former name “design-hynder.dk” so naturally we got certified again in 2017 when we started “furnto.dk”

Read more about the E-brand here:

Vejen Kommunes Company Award 2016

We were the recipients of Vejen Kommunes Company award in 2016.

“The social responsibility and diversity at “Jesper Thams Design and Polster”, is the reason why they won the Company Award 2016”


Jesper Thams, owner. (2017)

The story behind 33 years of experience

Jesper started in the furniture industry in 1979. After completion of his apprenticeship, he tried different educational courses and jobs and then returned to the upholstering industry in 1986, this time to stay.

The professional upholstery roots in the company goes back to 1923, where Jespers grandfather, Georg Otto Thams opened the furniture upholstery in Vejen.

Georg Otto Thams and Verner Thams at the 50th anniversary in 1973.

It was all about traditional furniture upholstery, with the good craftsmanship in focus.

To keep the business running, they also did reupholstery and harnesses for horses and other important necessities used at that time.

Jesper´s father, Verner Thams then joined the company after completing his apprenticeship in Århus.

In those years as society started to prosper, production of upholstered furniture became the main focus in the company, which at that time was called " Vejen Polstermøbelfabrik A/S."

Verner Thams at the workshop in 1954

In the late 1950´s and up through the 1960´s the company expanded with up to 70 employees at it´s biggest.

During the 70´s and 80´s the company stabilized at about 25 employees and the main production still was upholstered furniture in high quality.

Through the 1990´s and up to 2009, the competition from the low-wage countries got so tough, that production had to stop.

Today only a handful upholstered furniture manufactures exist in Denmark.

Earlier Jesper also did some freelance consulting, for the association Furn Tech/Danish Furniture Control.

Furn Tech/Danish Furniture Control is a group of Danish furniture producers who highly values quality, and by being members have agreed to impartial quality control from skilled professionals (like Jesper).